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Sthapatya veda has been Sthopping people from learning TM since 1990 due to Sthuperstition

25 years of superstition, ruining the TM Movement's reputation and
preventing good TM research from being taken seriously by the scientific community

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Sponsoring scientific research and discussion on the Southern Entrance Theory
and other theories of Sthapatyaveda

The purpose of this foundation is to encourage scientific research on Sthapatya vedic principles such as the Southern Entrance Theory. SERF proudly acts as a serf or servant to scientists, helping to raise funds for empirical studies on this topic, preferably to be published in independently refereed scientific journals.

Much has been said and done regarding following the principle of Sthapatya Ved from the ancient Vedic literature, where it is considered "inauspicious" to have or use a southern entrance on a building.

Although testimonials (non-randomly selected case studies) abound, true scientific research studies (randomly selected samples, with controls, and repeatable tests) on this theory seem to be lacking. Possibly a placebo effect or self-fulfilling prophesy may be in operation.

So more research is necessary. If research bears the theory out, it will help us put more resources in that direction. If it does not, it will help us put our resources in a more appropriate direction, besides east. Either way, research will be auspicious.

"I encourage all architects to test this knowledge. They should compare the health and fortune of those living in homes with different entrances and verify that those living in homes with their entrance to the East or North have better fortune than those with their entrance to the South or West."
Dr. Neil Paterson, August 8, 1997

This site is to serve as a forum for discussion and scientific research on the subject. Hopefully, this will bring us to greater understanding of the natural law.

The Southern Entrance Research Foundation makes no hypothesis and remains independent. SERF has no interest in the outcome of the research, pro or con. SERF's mission is just to encourage studies to be done, and to accumulate and post results on which to draw inferences and logical deductions.

Pro: $500 Reward - for the first published scientific research study on Sthapatya-ved.

This claims to be in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 2003, 545-559
but cannot be found on those pages where another study about "The sense of entitlement"

Sthapatya Veda lost Oprah from TM to Deepak

Oprah Winfrey flew her jet and was impressed with Maharishi School and the group Program.

Then she heard about Sthupidya Veda, never returned, never built a SV home, and joined Deepak


Pro Con

Pro: Celebration Marks Opening of New Dreier Building

Con: USA Global Link and Telegroup bankrupt
Telecoms layoff hundreds yet still cited as "Success Stories"


Pro: MUM Campus Reconstruction/Demolition

Barhydt Chapel demolished April 28, 2001


Carnegie & Parsons Buildings torn down at MUM

Is Barhydt Chapel Next?   17 years later - no benefit


Con: Believe Or Else - MUM's approach to education on Sthapatya-ved.


Pro: Only 1 million dollars to move inauspicious Barhydt Chapel



Pro: Sthapatya Vedic Center for DC opened up in Rockville, Maryland
     (but it is far from DC, 2 families live in it, and it is not available for learning TM or for group Program).  Small house next door is used for "group program" - attended by only about 10 Sidhas.


Con:  The "Senate" - the former east-facing stately building where often over 200 Sidhas did group program, is closed and sold because it is not SV, even though it faced east.  Once thriving Ideal Village community of Sidhas, living 200% of life,  is decimated and destroyed for no reason or benefit,  A powerful influence of coherence is removed from the White House and Capitol area.  America begins its decline.


College of Natural Law was 3 blocks from the White House, the perfect place to reach the Presidents, but was sold because it had a southern enrance What a waste.  How many Presidents could be recommending TM by now?
The real estate values in the area boomed
SV is claimed to be from the ancient Sages They lived in caves, and there are no floor plans in the Vedas
"ancient technology" Not used for Dome in 1980, and only came out in the late 1990's.


After 25 years of hearing about SV, and watching for results, where are any scientific studies published in an independent peer reviewed journal? Or does SV hitch a ride and sponge off the good TM research? The Movement sold a perfect east facing building for over 100 Sidhas in group Program near the middle of Washington DC and the College of Natural Law for over 50 Sidhas 3 blocks from the White House in the 1990's because they were not SV. Real estate prices rose greatly so we haven't had a facility since. Where are any fortunes made in fortune creating buildings? Telegroup went bankrupt in a SV building. Why didn't Google or Facebook start in Fairfield? Let's get back to the basics of SCI. Scientific research validates the practice.


There is no South in the Universe


The South Pole
The Ideal Vastu

A place with no Southern entrances. 
Every direction is auspicious North!

An appeal from the
"Raja of the Continent of Antarctica"

Come here to live

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"If something has been shown to work and makes sense, it's fine.
If it hasn't been shown to work and makes sense, it might be okay and needs more study.
And if it hasn't been shown to work and makes no sense, it's worthless."

- Stephen Barrett, M.D.,