There is no "South" in the Universe


In the infinitude of space, there is no up or down, left or right, north or south. On the starship Earth, which way is south? South is only in relation to the angle of the sun on the planet and its rotation.

South is just an arbitrary notion that we have imposed on the Earth. We usually put a map on the wall with north as "up", but it is just as valid to put the map with south pole at the top. After all, it is more habitable than the north pole.

This is just a prejudice based on the fact that most of the early explorers came from the northern hemisphere, and worked their way south. Certainly some of the Mayans would have questioned whether the conquerors from north were a good influence.

And what about those that live in the southern hemisphere? In Australia and South America, are northern influences supposed to be bad? We need clarification and research on these issues before acting on this Southern Entrance theory.

Is it those who live at the South Pole who have the best life? Or is it those who live at the Equator?

If "up" or north is good, and "down" or south is bad, why is it that the Unified Field charts always show the Unified Field at the bottom. Isn't this a good influence?

The whole theory is topsy turvy.