The South Pole

The Ideal Vastu

An appeal from the
"Governor General of the
Continent of Antarctica"

What if there was a place with no southern entrances at all? Why, there is! Antarctica.

By the Southern Entrance Theory, the ideal place to be on Earth would be at the South Pole. For that is the
place with the fewest southern entrances. If you are standing on the South Pole, there is no more south left to go.
Every direction you can possibly face is auspicious North. So you can't go wrong!

The most perfect spot on Earth - 90 degrees south

There is even a Dome - with no southern entrance.

Lot's of sun (24 hours) and good skiing.

Life is really cool here! Come on Down!

More Pictures from The South Pole

Sthapatyaveda Empirical Research Foundation - sponsoring scientific inquiry on the Southern Entrance Theory