For the First Published Research Study
On the Southern Entrance Theory

The Dr. Kenneth Roettger Memorial Scholarship

Since July 1978, the Southern Entrance Research Foundation has been offering a $500 grant reward for the first scientific research study on the Southern Entrance Theory that is published in an independent scientific journal.

The independent scientific journal must be an established and widely promulgated academic or professional publication, refereed by an impartial panel of experts. To ensure no question as to conflict of interest, the publication and members of the publication review board must not be affiliated with Maharishi Global Construction, the World Plan Executive Council, or Maharishi University of Management.

To be considered, the study should cover, but not be limited to, the hypothesis that:
"The presence and utilization of a south entrance to a building or property has a measureable and cause-effect influence upon the welfare of the inhabitants as compared with matched control structures with no such entrance."
"There is a statistically significant positive correlation between the direction of the entrance to habitable structures or lands, and physiological, psychological, sociological, or environmental auspiciousness."

The reward will be granted, regardless of the outcome of the study, whether:

  • For (southern entrance found to be inauspicious)
  • Against (southern entrance found to be auspicious)
  • No Difference ("null hypothesis")

    It is best that the study uses publicly available data, rather than subjective testimony. For example, Dr. Travis studied the entrances of homes where crimes occured, with data that can be verified at the community's library. It is rumored that Dr. Butler studied the health of medical patients, and their home entrances. S.E.R.F. is looking for verifiable studies, published in scientific journals.

    The grant reward will be issued to the principal investigator of the study, to be distributed as the principal investigator sees fit. For example, the grant reward may be distributed among the colleagues, or to the institution sponsoring the research.

    Upon notification of the first publication, S.E.R.F. will request a copy directly from the publisher and upon review, will send $500 to the winning researcher(s).

    Email: reward@sthapatyaved.com

    For more information: http://www.sthapatyaved.com