Believe Or Else

MUM's Education for Enlightenment

As institution officials and politicians have not embraced the proposals of the TM Movement, the movement has adopted a new strategy.

Believe Or Else

Believe or else the movement will sue them, under consumer protection laws. When people refuse to act on the proposals until they can see good, published research on the proposals, and are shown none, or only those that were done by MUM scientists, it has been proposed by Maharishi that they be sued.

A Fairfield man spoke out against the tearing down of historic buildings on campus, in favor of untested and unproven sthapatyavedic ones. He has been barred from entry on the MUM campus. His car was towed from campus by campus authorities, even when driven by friends.

The new approach seems to be: If they won't believe the shoddy research, or speak out against untested theories, sue them, or bar them from campus. This means the movement has gone to a new, desperate low.