Research on the Southern Entrance Theory

As of May 2000

Published Research:



Unpublished Research:

Dr. F. Travis studied crime statistics in Fairfield, Iowa, finding that southern facing buildings had a higher incidence of break-ins. It also found that the West facing buildings had the least incidence, in contradition to Sthapatya-vedic principles.

Reportedly (but not verified), Dr. V. Butler has studied the correlation between the health of medical patients, and the orientation of their homes.

The Southern Entrance Research Foundation makes no hypothesis and has no interest in the outcome of the research, and only encourages it to be done. SERF will sponsor research studies that follow the rigorous standards of the scientific method and publishable quality research. SERF expects studies it funds to firmly support any conclusions with statistically significant evidence.

Unfortunately, many scientists consider the entire notion so utterly preposterous that they do not even bother doing a study. But every scientific study, pro or con, helps us to better understand life.

If you are aware of any scientific studies, published or unpublished, please email information about them to

Someday there may be as large a body of research on Sthapatya-Ved as there is on other areas, such as Ayur-Ved (ex.

If you would like to do a scientific research study, or contribute towards one, please see Grants.

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