The Carnage of Carnegie Hall

A senseless loss of
one of the most beautiful, sturdy
and historic buildings at MUM

The Carnegie Building, the first library built by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie west of the Mississippi, was torn down in the name of "Sthapatyavedic Rectification" July 2000 at MUM in Fairfield, Iowa. Destruction began when students went home for summer vacation, averting a possible student protest.

The red brick and stone building was sturdy and in very good condition. It was remodelled in the 1990's and was one of the finest and most comfortable classrooms on campus. It contained modern features such as a computer lab with high speed connections on the Internet. Students generally enjoyed taking classes there. It was also convenient to the dining hall and student union.

This picturesque building was often featured on MUM's brochures and videos. Photos of many graduating classes were taken on its steps. It was a building that gave the impression of a normal university to a most superstitious institution.

So why was it torn down, with so many other buildings in bad condition, poor roads, and underpaid staff and faculty? It had an east entrance, and no southern entrance. So, there was little wrong with it Sthapatyavedically, except that it was a few degrees off from due east, and did not have a kalash on top. For whatever reason, it was considered "inauspicious" - which is a pseudo-scientific way of saying it was a "bad luck" building.

This was a senseless and deplorable waste of a perfectly good building. It was very expensive to tear down such a sturdy building. Donors to MUM may wish to specify whether or not their funds should be used for such senseless destruction. Government subsidies to educational institutions from taxpayer funds should also not be used for such destruction.

The demise of Carnegie Hall illustrates the demise of common sense, the scientific attitude, and the lack of caring and vision exhibited by the leaders of MUM. Along with the loss of Parsons Hall, a great tie to history and one of the most charming buildings on campus has been lost.

No great "good luck" has yet been seen from the million dollar MU-tulation of the MUM campus, including filling in the pond, the Dreir bulding, and putting in an east entrance road. Nothing good has happened that would not have happened anyway. The Carnegie Building will be missed by present and past students and friends of Parsons College, and MUM.

Andrew Carnegie was a man who was greatly supported by Natural Law. Through is Creative Intelligence he built a great financial empire. He dedicated himself in his later years to generously donating to the people, in part through his many Carnegie Libraries. Sadly, his gift of knowledge and science has been torn down in the name of superstition.

Concerned Student

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